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Who is in the audience at my evangelistic series? Can I easily distinguish between visitors and members? Suppose I want to isolate a visitor to give a gift, question-markhow can I know if the person is presently in the audience or even a visitor? Can I know the dates attended by my visitors and which sermon they heard?  Which night do I have the best or worst attendance? If I have a nightly quiz how do I tabulate the scores and give gifts accordingly? Can I invite individuals to another meeting by sending an invitation letter or email? How can I trace decisions made by attendees? Do I know who my baptismal candidates are? Can I assigned a Bible-worker to contact persons of interest and is there a way to know if they were contacted?

The children have a separate program how I can securely check them in and out? How did your attendees knew about the evangelistic meeting?

Design Specifically for evangelism, Advent Event Management system  answer these questions and much more. It covers your event from the planning stage to post event activities.

Before EventDuring EventAfter Event
Create Committees (Prayer,Security....)Register AttendeesContact and follow up with attendees baptized at the event and potential baptismal candidates for future events
Generate work schedules for each member of your teamMark Attendance, record quiz scores and keep track of decisions made by attendeesAssigning newly baptized members to a church
In a multi-church event each baptized attendee may be assigned to a specific church
Assign Speakers and BibleWorkesCheck children in and outSpiritual Guardian Assignment
Generate invitation letters and emailAssign Bibleworker to persons on interest and record contactsGenerate various reports
Add event DecisionsGenerate reports of people present in the audience.Generate letters and emails thanking your attendees.
Generate Registration, Quiz, Contact, Decision Cards and Barcode tagsGenerate report of visitors presently in the audience.
Preregister Attendees


Your event can be kept on any day of the week each day can have multiple session each session multiple slots to which a participant can be assigned.




Over 35 reports and charts. Most are date driven and categorized as show below.

Report Categories
Event Session Reports
Baptismal Reports
Attendee Reports
Contact Reports
Quiz Reports
Miscellaneous Reports

Each can be exported to Excel, saved as PDF, exported to LibreOffice ,Print to default printer or emailed directly from Advent.


System RequirementComment
LaptopWindows 10 and at least 4 Gig Ram
Barcode ScannerWe recommend scanners that uses CCD technology to scan bar code tags directly from a cell phone. Get It Here.
RouterTo creat a Local Area Network if multiple computer installation required
Microsoft OfficeOptional
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Cost (CAD)/MonthlyTermCost Each Addition Computer Installation (CAD)/Monthly
8.251 year4.75
7.253 year3.75
6.505 years2.75