Generates Quiz, Decision and Registration Cards

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Advent generates:

Quiz decision
 Quiz Card 6 per sheet  Decision Card 6 per sheet
Contact Registration
 Contact Card –  4 per sheet  Registration Card –  4 per sheet


Quiz card – Used if the series has a daily quiz. In addition to the quiz score this card captures contact information and some requests (Please pray for me, I have a question and I wanted to be visited) of your attendees.

Decision Card – Used to capture specific decisions when completed by and attendee. The questions on these cards are pre-entered into the system . You may enter all the decision question that will be used for the series and later select only the ones needed for any particular day..

Contact Cards – Complete by a bible worker when he or she makes contact with an attendee. it records the dates and times of the contact, the bible worker who made the contact and the person with whom the contact was made. The mode of contact(telephone,visit,phone email or text)and a feedback comment gauging the attendee’s interest.

Registration Card – Filled out by attendee  attending . The Registration card captures attendee name, address, email, telephone, membership status and how they knew about the evangelist event.